Spellcrow’s Orcs Go Fer Their 6 Shootas

January 11, 2013 by dracs

Spellcrow have announced that their new set of 12 revolver wielding Ork arms will be available from their site tomorrow.

Spellcrow - Ork Revolver Hands

I think it is safe to say that revolvers are automatically cooler than almost any other type of gun. When that revolver happens to be held by and Ork you know things are going to get messy quickly.

These revolvers would be a good way to distinguish your unit champions and characters from the rest of the army. The best don't need no easy reload automatic gun, just a good old Ork 6 shoota. That's cuz they only need to fire 6 times before they're clobbering the enemy with their fists!

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