From a Sphinx to a Humvees, Fenris Have What You Need

June 7, 2012 by dracs

Fenris Games have published images of three new releases on their Facebook.

First we have the last of the Sulaco: Hive Tiles.

Fenris Games - Hive Tiles Crossroads

These crossroad tiles will allow you to connect your walk ways and create a nice board showing an alien take over.

Next there is the new Egyptian Ruins base.

Fenris Games - 120mm Egyptian Ruins Base

This base could be great for a Pulp style game or even a Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings army.

Lastly we have the return of the 1/55 scale DWF Humvee to the Fenris Games shop.

Fenris Games - Humvee

All in all a wide selection of releases for you to choose from and suitable for many kinds of game.

Anyone got any shiny syndrome for any of this?

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