Our Top 5 Stretch Goals of AvP

November 12, 2013 by dracs

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The Alien vs Predator Kickstarter continues bursting upwards like a chest burster freshly born from John Hurt, which means more and more stretch goals are appearing. To give you an idea of what to expect we thought we'd tell you our top five.

No. 5

At number five we get the cool Alien Royal Guard, also known as the Praetorians.

Alien Royal Guard

The Royal Guard are the biggest and the meanest of the Aliens, always near to the Queen and identified by their distinctive crests. This preview of them certainly looks promising and I think even a tooled up Predator would be hard pressed to face these.

No. 4

Speaking of Predators, number four brings us a model which proves Predators believe in equal opportunities when it comes to killing squishy humans.

Female Predator

The sculpt for this model is excellent and it will be a cool and characterful piece for the set, but as I said before I can't help feeling a little disturbed by the idea of Predators with a "sexy" physiology.

No. 3

At number three we find a Kickstarter exclusive mini, the Predator Berserker.

Predator Berserker

This mini will be free for everyone who makes an "In the Pipe" or higher pledge. So far we haven't seen the mini, but this iconic image of the Predator's splayed mouth, and the very idea that it will be a Berserker, has a lot of people excited.

No. 2

The number two stretch goal is one you might not have expected to find so high up the list; the Predator Hellhounds.

Predator Hellhounds

The reason these score so high, for me at least, is that they seem to be something completely new for the Predators, yet the idea of them using canines for hunting fits well with their general mythos. Games based around existing franchises can easily get stuck in just recreating the things we have seen before, so it is exciting to see that the Aliens vs Predators Miniatures Game could give us a better look at the world.

No. 1

Finally, in the number one slot, it's the one, the only, the mighty Predalien!


Alien vs Predator Requiem was a pretty shoddy film in my opinion, but you can't deny that the design of the Predalien was awesome. It was also one of the few times we got to see the Xenomorph's adaptive nature in action. We had grown used to the idea of Aliens appearing from humans. The melding of Predator and Alien was a whole new source of fear.

Things are definitely looking good for this game and with 17 days still to go I can imagine that this is not the last we have seen from the Aliens and Predators.

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Thanks to @anto for bringing this to our attention.

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