Tabletop Art Uncover Some Ancient Machinery

June 19, 2013 by dracs

The next set of bases which Tabletop Art will be releasing has appeared and it looks like some Ancient Machinery lies hidden under the feet of your miniatures.

Tabletop Art Ancient Machinery

Now, this is most likely due to the quality of the picture, but I do not think that these bases are anywhere near Tabletop Art's best. The gears which the loose brickwork reveal look at this distance to be simple air bubbles in the sculpt.

However, this could easily be rectified with a quick bit of paint to pick out the details and they are still perfectly suited for steampunk style games. This is especially true of games like Empire of the Dead, where the sinister background fits with the idea of hidden machinery beneath the brick streets.

What miniatures would suit these bases best?

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