T.J.H. Models Bring the Magic of Magnets to MDF Terrain

April 30, 2013 by dracs

A new kickstarter has been set up by T.J.H. Models for a new range of MDF modular terrain, which will be fully magnetised to help you build some awesome terrain pieces for your games.

T.J.H. Models - Corridors and Rooms

The terrain in question looks to be high quality, lazer cut pieces. Once assembled into their various segments, magnets allow for them to be attached and removed easily, allowing you to quickly set up cool terrain pieces which can be disassembled easily for storage.

So far T.J.H. have created two sets, both with a nicely detailed sci-fi style to them.

First we have a set of corridors and rooms.

T.J.H. Models - Corridors

T.J.H. Models - Corridors Close

These are absolutely perfect for some atmospheric and claustrophobic sci-fi board gaming, not thinking of any game in particular space hulk.

T.J.H. Models - Exterior and Interior

The fact that they can be reassembled easily will mean you can have a constantly evolving environment to explore, whatever game you are playing.

Also brought to life by this kickstarter is a particularly cool set of walkways.

T.J.H. Models - Walkways

T.J.H. Models - Walkways Close

T.J.H. Models - Platforms

All in all I am rather impressed by the quality of products being shown here. Magnetising the terrain is a great idea, which should make setting up a gaming table a lot easier and quicker.

The products are perfect for all manner of sci-fi games and scenarios and I can only hope that, with the help of kickstarter, we can see this terrain start to branch out.

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