T.J.H Models Construct Their Massive Walkway Systems

October 11, 2013 by brennon

T.J.H Models are on Kickstarter right now looking to put together funding for their massive Laser Cut 3D Terrain set for 28mm wargaming. See what you think of some of the set ups below...

Set Up #1

Towers & Walkways

Set Up #2

All of these pieces are fully magnetised allowing you to construct these sets in whichever way you think is best for the game of your choice. They also have a generic near-future to sci-fi look to them so they could fit into practically any game world.

Everything is already cut out and comes with all the magnets you need. All you need is some glue and a little bit of inspiration to create a great looking board.

This actually looks like a very nice set of terrain and I think it would be perfect for something like MERCS or Infinity. You could even play a little bit of Necromunda on this if you want to go back into the retro period!

What do you think?

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