More Villains Plan The Downfall Of Pulp City

March 5, 2013 by brennon

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Pulp City have some deadly enemies taking over the urban sprawl and you can see some art for them below. See what you think of these new comic villains...


Terracotta Warriors

Green Emperor

As you can see the artwork for these characters is impressive. My favourite has to be the Green Emperor who looks like he might have had some style pointers from Shredder.

However there is also a miniature for this set of previews and you can check her out below.

VH Miniature

She seems to have turned out pretty close to the art and definitely looks like a punk chick. I have to say I've never really looked at the world of Pulp City before but the prospect of heroes and villains clashing in comic style combat does sound fun.

What do you folks think of Pulp City?

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