Wargamma Unleash the Cyber Nasties and a Towering Brute!

May 7, 2012 by brennon

Wargamma are ready to fill the Sci-Fi world with cybernetic nastiness in their latest batch of releases. Check out the Mechanised terrors below!

Arachnoid Mecha Terror

Beetloid Mecha Horde

These crazy contraptions are the Arachnoid Mecha Terror and the Beetloid Mecha Horde. Complete with eerie visages (or comedic ones depending on your stand point) they are ready to terrorise the battlefield of the far future. Or indeed possibly some alternate Steampunk role-play perhaps?

Deadly Forest Fungi

If they aren't for you however then what about a bit of scenery? The Deadly Forest Fungi could be of use in Fantasy, Sci-Fi and possibly even something more Post-Apocalyptic on our own world. Nice to add into a role-play and have explode when the heroes get near them!

Brutal Giant Champion

This guy however is the main attraction folks. The Brutal Giant Champion model is utterly amazing in my humble opinion. Masses of cool looking armour, a brilliant sculpt on the scarred face and that sword ready to cleave a whole regiment in two. A perfect painting project and addition to any fantasy army.

Have any of these models caught your eye?

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