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November 13, 2011 by brennon

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Well I promised you some more pictures and information so here it is. A few more images from the day and lots of the information from twitter condensed down for all to read in one place. First of all lets take a look at the demo games going on and some of the great paint schemes that were shown off.

FF Iron Warriors

FF M Melee

FF M Melee 2

FF Stormguard

I really enjoyed my little participation games. Was great getting to grips with just how Forge Fathers work, and as you can see they were painted superbly in this great yellow and black colour scheme. It managed to show off just how powerful the Marauders are in combat, and of course just how brilliant the Forge Fathers were at shooting.

There was also a massive participation game where you could play with Alessio himself...

Large Participation Game

Iron Warriors

Jotuun Cannon


FF Leader

Marauder Leader


Had some great models on show, with some different paint schemes too. The Forge Fathers had their 'classic' blue and also a very gritty earthy tone to them too. The Marauders too had some great looking miniatures and it was a pleasure to blast them to pieces with great Forge Father shooting!

Display Cabinet

The display cabinet had some of the interesting models inside it too. Some of the metal versions where inside it, as well as a great looking converted skeleton at the back dressed in Roman attire. Was good to see some interesting models and with superb paint schemes too.

Talking of painting...

Masterclass Painting Room

...this room was busy throughout the day. Plenty of people going in to paint up some Marauders and learn the tricks of the trade. Was packed right until the end when people had to be going home!

But now lets talk the future of Mantic with Warpath & Kings of War. Of course one of the big things of the day was looking at the Corporation and their upcoming release. 25th of November is the day that the rules will get out onto the web, and the new sculpts are looking amazing. A great mix of Sci-Fi trooper with a portion of the modern day soldier about them. Chunky, beefy armour backed up by Mass Effect looking rifles creates a real contrast in the miniature design and the race as a whole...


As for the other Warpath Races. The Rebs are going to take on a feel that Ronnie refers too as 'very Star Wars'. Imagine the Rebel Alliance, a collection of different races all fighting against the overshadowing Corporation troopers. The Zz'or are another race we know a little bit more about. A mix between insectoid and technology was the big thing, a combination of organic with the material. The Plague were also talked about, and Mantic really wanted to do something different with these guys, making them stand out from even the undead of Kings of War. Resin/Plastic Vehicles are also on the way, with weapon options coming in metal form at a later date. They already have one planned for the Jotunn and the Raptor.

Speaking of Kings of War, we also got to see concepts and images of the metal goblin warriors.

Sneaky Goblin Concept

Now obviously this is the concept of the Goblin Sneak that we saw a while ago, but the basic look and feel of the goblins has certainly carried over into their warriors. They definitely look the part, sneaky and backstabby with a great amount of character too them. And also seem a lot more lithe and thin too. Ronnie even discussed the possibility of them having big beasties on their side, something akin to the mawbeast which we have also seen.

Another big thing is of course the evolution of Dwarf Kings Hold. The Berserker Lord is the star of the show, heralding in the time of multi-player gaming in Dwarf Kings Hold as well as the opportunity to add heroes to your games AND create warbands from any of the different armies to fight through the dwarven mines. It's almost as if Mantic were inside Warren's minds!

Berserker Lord

A new sculpt will be available in the box, and the game should be coming out at the beginning of next year. Also with some great new tiles which I have seen up close, and are truly superb looking. The art work is really coming on in leaps and bounds with Mantic and the cover art is just amazing for the expansion.

This is all of course setting up Dwarf Kings Hold...In Spaaaaaaace which is planned for Warpath. Corporation Vs '8th Race' in the confines of huge asteroids mined out by the Forge Fathers, both in pursuit of the same precious resource. But that is for another day...

Which part of the Mantic Line up are you most looking forwards too in the next year or so?

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