The Wreck-Age Begins with a Kickstarter

August 23, 2012 by brennon

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The Wreck-Age from Hyacinth Games is setting up for its Tabletop and RPG games with a Kickstarter Campaign. Check out some of the great concept art and consider pledging!

Wreck-Age Concept #1

Wreck-Age Concept #2

Wreck-Age Concept #3

And the concept art is backed up with some great looking miniatures. Check out some of them too!

Wreck-Age Miniatures #1

Wreck-Age Miniatures #2

You can find out about the background of Wreck-Age over on the Kickstarter, and learn more about their games. The models do look fantastic and the idea of post-apocalyptic warfare is always a good one.

Will you be pledging to the Wreck-Age?

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