Zombie Marines Invade Mantic this Halloween

October 16, 2012 by brennon

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Being Halloween this month it wouldn't be right not to have something strange lurching out of Mantic Games. Thankfully they have prepared something that is very much dead. Check out their Zombie Marines deal!

Zombie Marines

"Fallen battle-brothers from the Deadzone VI massacre, Z Corp are mindless, plague-ridden corpses, reanimated by whatever malignant viral infection resided planetside. Chaotic in their way of fighting, the shambling Z Corp are one of the horrors of battle the Corporation try to keep hidden away from the databanks."

Zombie Marines Close Up

Some pretty cool looking conversion possibilities if you have the time to work through the masses of flesh and battered armour! Both the Corporation Marines and the Zombie kits from Mantic have been highly praised in the past, so combining the two is just a big bonus right?

You can make 80 models!

Will you be looking to pick up some of these infected soldiers?

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