More Bear Riding Dwarfs Follow Their King Out of Scibor

January 6, 2016 by dracs

Yesterday, we saw the new Dwarf King released by Scibor. He has proven rather popular and now it looks like he is set to be accompanied by more bear riding Dwarfs!

Dwarf WiPs

Bears, for when a horse simply isn't heavy metal enough.

As I said yesterday, I'm not entirely sold on Scibor's bears. I just find them a bit too large, leaving the rider perched precariously on top. Aside from this though, these look like pretty good models and should serve well as part of the king's retinue.

You cannot deny that Scibor's dwarfs do have a fairly chunky style all their own. This, couple with Scibor's usual attention to detail, makes for a very eye catching force of fantasy beardies.

What are your views on Scibor's bear riders?

"Bears, for when a horse simply isn't heavy metal enough..."

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