Begin To Dig Too Deep With Scibor’s Dwarf Miners

April 24, 2013 by brennon

Scibor are back to what they know best with the release of more Dwarves that are going to begin their digging into the depths. Check out the collection of Dwarf Miners below as both a Set and Singular pack.

Dwarf Miner Single

Dwarf Miner Set

Now those are some awesome looking miners. Don't let the second set fool you though, you only get five of them in a set not fifteen! I think these miniatures are pretty awesome though, especially the fellow with the torch.

These would be great for a skirmishing warband or even put together into a regiment in a larger army. A few of them would make great role-playing miniatures too.

What do you think of these delving Dwarves?

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