A New Dwarf Ranger Points the Way From Scibor

January 12, 2015 by dracs

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Another of the WiPs we recently saw on Scibor's workbench has been completed and released on their webstore, the floppy hatted dwarf ranger armed with sword and spear.

Dwarf Ranger 4

Scibor's dwarf ranger has a really unique style to him, and doesn't look like your typical, heavily armoured image of a dwarf warrior. This helps to make him stand out and serve as both a great adventurer for role playing games, or the perfect champion for a unit of rangers.

Having said this, I do think that the pose could have used some alteration. Scibor have sculpted him in a pose that suggests he is indicating the way forward or waving his companions on. The problem is that the way his feet are planted while his arms are spread make him look like he wants a hug at some angles.

Do you like this dwarf ranger? What would you use him as? Are there any changes you would have made?

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