The Hunters Three All Are Dwarves From Scibor Miniatures!

March 28, 2013 by brennon

We saw a preview of some of these models last week but now Scibor have released some of their Wild Hunter Dwarves on their webstore. Check out these axe wielding maniacs below...

Three Wild Hunters

Some fantastic berserk looking Dwarves once again from Scibor. I like two of these models, namely the one with the single axe and the other with duel weapons going in for the kill. I am a little put off by the one with the hammer simply because the pose looks too strange.

These would be perfect if you were making a barbarian or two-weapon fighter character for a fantasy role-playing game.

The middle one however would make a perfect character Slayer for my Dwarf army. I think I'll promote him and make him a Daemon Slayer!

What do you think of these Hunters Three?

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