Get Lost in an Enchanted Wood with Scibor Miniatures

October 16, 2012 by brennon

Scibor have a rather enchanting set of Forest Bases for you to add to your collection, giving another level of creepy woodland to your infantry. Check out both the 40mm and 20mm variants below...

40mm Forest Bases

20mm Forest Bases

One thing that is immediately noticeable is that unless you have some very thin miniatures, you're going to be placing your soldiers on top of those little wooden platforms! Line of sight might then be a bit of an issue! Still, they are very nice looking bases that managed to convey a sense of both horror and mysticism.

My particular favourites are the two with statues in the 20mm set. I love the way the wood has reclaimed the creation of some ancient race. Wood Elves would particularly like this terrain I bet!

What do you think of this little woodland scene?

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