Two Mighty Dwarf Lords Swing Their Axes At Scibor

February 8, 2016 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous are continuing to expand their dwarf armies as two new dwarf lords bring their axes to the battle.

The Bear Necessities

First, we have the the finished product of the next bear riding lord that Scibor recently previewed.

Dwarf Lord

This lord does strike quite an imposing figure atop his bear, with both of them covered in ornate armour. The model would make a very eye catching leader for an army of dwarfs.

However, the splayed leg position does still make it look rather comical in my opinion. But then it is riding a bear to battle, realism isn't exactly the aim here.

Broin Brings His Axe

Meanwhile, taking his place among the infantry, is the new Dwarf Lord Broin.


Broin may be carrying one of the largest axes in dwarf kind. I'm actually a bit surprised he isn't falling over with that thing.

Aside from the lack of balance though, he is a great character model and would make a great champion among the massed ranks of his fellow bearded warriors.

Which of Scibor's Dwarf Lords would you follow to battle?

"It is riding a bear to battle, realism isn't exactly the aim here..."

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