Scibor Go Adventuring With A New Warrior & Ranger

July 11, 2013 by brennon

Scibor have plenty more heroes and villains in the works and below you can see two of them. The first is an awesome looking Chaotic Warrior and the second is a mighty Dwarf Ranger.

Chaos Warrior WIP

Dwarf Ranger WIP

Once again they have some great looking figures on the way. The Chaotic Warrior is top notch and a perfect hero to lead your men into battle. The one problem I have with him is the way he is holding his sword. I know he's meant to be resting it but I would prefer him holding it out in front of him, as if pointing to his enemies.

The Dwarf Ranger is a lot more dynamic, even if he does have foot on rock syndrome. He appears to be in the act of ambushing a foe or maybe hunting in the forests below his Gold. I do love a ranging Dwarf because it's an interesting and easy to develop story for role-playing!

Which is your favourite?

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