Scibor Arm their Templars & Rev the Sci-Fi Motorcycles

July 10, 2012 by brennon

Scibor have a new Sci-Fi motorised marvel for you to enjoy as well as a new Templar Knight waiting to take the enemy on. Let's check out the new models below...

Scibor Sci-Fi Motorbike

First up is their Sci-Fi Motorcycle being ridden by one of the Sci-Fi Knights. It certainly looks bulky enough and I like the sculpt, although I don't know if would mount one of the heavily armoured warriors on it. The conversion possibilities for a more lithe model could be interesting.

Templar Sci-Fi Knight

Next up is a Sci-Fi Templar wielding a rather large and menacing hammer while extending a crackling power fist of friendship. It would be interesting to do some chopping and changing with this fellow and see how close you could get him to a fantasy hero.

So has the new Sci-Fi Motorbike got you interested?

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