Scibor’s Dwarfs Ride To War At A Snail’s Pace

August 4, 2016 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous have published a preview for another piece of dwarf heavy artillery. This time though the bearded inventors have come up with a rather novel way to bring their weapon to the battlefield; giant snail!

Snail Canon

In general, I love this idea. The canon and the two dwarfs riding in splendour are pretty cool, but then we come to the snail. Now a snail is not something you would immediately consider for a dwarf, but when you think about it they're the perfect match. After all, snails are also tough, slow and react badly when you pour salt on them (that's dwarfs, right?).

However, I do think that the palanquin looks far too primal for dwarfish craftsmanship.

It rather detracts from the overall look and makes it seem like Scibor have just plonked two dwarfs on a model intended for some chaotic or orcish, though this may just be the quality of the photograph. Hopefully, when it's finished and painted up, we will be presented with the epitome of dwarf craftsmanship... on the back of a giant snail.

Do you like this model? What animal do you think is the perfect mount for dwarfs?

"Snails are also tough, slow and react badly when you pour salt on them..."

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