Scibor Travel Back to the Fantasy Realms

June 21, 2012 by brennon

Scibor have had a lot of Sci-Fi miniature release of late but now they are back to the workbench and are coming up with some new Fantasy models. Check out the Work-in-Progress Models below...

Scibor Fantasy WIP Miniatures (Front)

Scibor Fantasy WIP Miniatures (Rear)

So we have a Witch Hunter, a Captain or other commanding office and a miniature that could double as a Warrior Priest. Out of the three I think the Warrior Priest is my favourite simply because he's had to have specialist armour made to accommodate his bulk!

All would be great stand-in models for Empire forces in Warhammer or other Fantasy human armies. They would even be good generals in a Historical setting perhaps?

Which is your favourite?

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