Scibor Miniatures Sire a New Sci-Fi Eagle Knight

June 12, 2012 by brennon

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Another Sci-Fi knight has stepped out of his Imperial church to fight against the enemies of the galaxy from Scibor Miniatures. Check out the Eagle Knight below in a commanding pose...

Scibor Eagle Knight (Detail)

Scibor Eagle Knight (Front & Rear)

He continues the same theme as many Sci-Fi Knights from Scibor and that's no bad thing. Some great detail work on the leg armour and the way in which the eagle symbol has been arched over his head could potentially see him being used as a Librarian of some kind?

I'm also a fan of that spikey hair and the rather awesome muttonchops/sideburns.

Will he be joining your Sci-Fi army?

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