Scibor Monstrous Hunt Down Another Ogre

October 2, 2014 by dracs

It seems as though ogres are taking over Scibor for the moment as today another of the fantasy bruisers was released into their webstore, a grizzled Ogre Hunter!

Ogre Hunter

This old, dour looking ogre has even more going on with him than the last one Scibor showed us, with his worn clothing, a gun strapped to one shoulder and, for some reason, a single shoulder pauldron with a face sculpted on it.

However, I actually find this model a little less interesting. There is a lot of great detail and the face has a ton of character behind it, making this model an excellent special character. However, the pose is unexciting and he doesn't even look all that ogreish, appearing stooped and even small.

Would you send this ogre out to hunt for your army?

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