Scibor Raise a Plinth For A Deep One Bust

April 20, 2015 by dracs

Scibor are preparing to raise the bust of a deep one from the abyssal depths and are currently preparing a suitable plinth to display it.

Deep One Plynth

The plinth is covered with Cthulhuoid snails, a disturbing mix of tentacles, faces and shells. Crawling all over those wooden planks, this plinth looks fit for a Great Old One.

The cool thing about this plinth is that Scibor have declared that the Cthulhu snails will also be prepared for release as a separate set. This is particularly exciting news as they will be able to double as disgusting creatures or accessories for terrain, depending on what you think could be enhanced by evil snails.

Will you raise up Scibor's Deep One?

"This plinth looks fit for a Great Old One."

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