Scibor Ram Out An Angelic New WiP

March 10, 2016 by dracs

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Scibor Monstrous are as hard at work as always and have produced two more new miniatures for our tabletop, one a dramatic leaping ram and the other an angelic warrior.


First, Scibor have managed to take a mountain goat and turned it into something far more dramatic.


Sculpted in mid-leap from a dwarf statue, this ram has a lot of speed and motion to its model. I'm hoping that this could be a new mount for the dwarves, as I think it could be the perfect way to give them a little extra speed.

Sculpted On Angel Wings

Moving on from this rather down to earth figure, Scibor are currently working on a new angelic warrior model.


Here Scibor present us with a handsome warrior, descending from on high on his massive wings. Whether it's a fantasy or a scifi piece, it's too soon to say, but I do think it is my favourite such model so far. The pose is great, while the framing effect of the wings holds the focus on the model. It's definitely one I can see leading the armies of the faithful.

Which do you prefer, the ram or the angel?

"The framing effect of the wings holds the focus on the model."

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