Scibor Send Out A Set of Moscals Dwarves Chiefs

January 21, 2015 by dracs

Three new dwarves have been released as a set from Scibor Monstrous, the sinister Moscals Dwarves Chiefs.

Moscals Dwarves Chiefs

These three Moscals Dwarves Chiefs are more menacing than the usual diminutive warriors we see. The one of the left is decorated in furs and bones like some primeval dwarf ancestor, while the one on the right is actually growing horns.

However, it is the middle dwarf that really looks the part of evil dwarf chief. Those horns on his helmet are large enough to make Loki jealous, while the leering face on his shield makes him even more villainous. You could easily imagine him commanding a force of evil dwarves.

Which of Scibor's three Moscals Dwarf Chiefs do you like most?

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