Scibor Show Off Greens for Three New Sculpts

January 5, 2015 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous are back at their sculpting bench and are showing off the greens for three upcoming miniatures.

We start off with a scifi piece as an ogre gets some high-tech equipment.

Ogre Green

Scibor's ogres have a very distinctive look to them that helps let them stand out from other such miniatures. This one keeps with the designs we have seen with their fantasy ogres, but upgrades it with a power fist and a new hand gun.

After this we get to see two new fantasy models.

Green Banner Bearer

Dwarf Green

The dwarf is a cool adventurer model, with his floppy hat and choice of weapons giving him a good level of distinct character, making him perfect for use as an RPG character.

The banner bearer, however, has to be my favourite of the three shown here. The chaotic warrior himself is fairly standard, but the detail of the flaming skull standard means this would stand out in the middle of a massive army, serving as a superb standard for the entire force.

Which of Scibor's three sculpts catches your eye?

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