Scibor Show Off A Retinue Of Fantasy Greens

April 1, 2013 by brennon

Last week we had a look at some upcoming previews for Scibor's Historical and Fantasy range. Check out some more sneak peeks that show off a couple more of the 'hero' characters that will be coming soon...

Scibor Fantasy & Historical Greens

Above we have a Friar with his barrel of ale, I wonder if he's called Bernard? As well as the holy man there is a wandering Knight with an awesome looking cloak and a drum beating Jester who looks like he could clock you with that beater too if he wanted.

These could be great in a Historical setting as a wandering pilgrim Knight and his retinue, or if you prefer Fantasy they would make excellent heroes. I could easily see this as a Cleric, Fighter and Bard for Dungeons & Dragons!

Which one is your favourite?

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