Scibor Show Sketches Of Steampunk Suited Stunties

September 28, 2013 by brennon

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So how is that for alliteration! Below you can check out a new sketch from the Steampunk-esque shenanigans of Scibor. This looks like it could be a neat winner for the future.

Scibor Dwarf Steam Suit

I can't tell whether or not this is going to be for wargaming or fantasy football but from the look of the helmet I would imagine it's the later or the two choices. I always love Dwarf miniatures and I have a great love of fantasy football too so this one looks right up my street.

I will be awaiting some early models of this soon then as Scibor have a pretty good turn over when it comes to artwork and models.

A hulking team for you?

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