Scibor Go Treasure Hunting With New Dwarf Miniatures

February 16, 2013 by brennon

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I can't have a weekend without looking at some new Dwarves, and Scibor have supplied us with some great looking characters. You might notice a similarity between these fellows and a certain party of stunties but I'll let you think on that...

Dwarf Prince

Dwarf Tomb Raider

Above you can see the Dwarf Prince and Dwarf Tomb Robber, with the Dwarf Prince wielding what appears to be a wooden shield of some kind. Despite the similarities these are really, really amazing miniatures and perfect leaders for a unit or maybe role-playing heroes.

Dwarf Dice Bearer

And once you find your treasure you could get this guy to carry your favoured dice. We all have that one d6 that has served us well through thick and thin and it can now take pride of place at the back of your army on this Dwarf Dice Bearer ready for that important wound roll.

What do you think of this adventuring party?

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