Scibor & UDock Continue Their Dwarf Madness

January 28, 2013 by brennon

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Scibor Miniatures and UDock Studios are continuing their love of Dwarves with both a selection of new models for the tabletop and a piece of concept art for their Dwarven Warrior...

UDock Dwarf Warrior

First up is more concept art for the Dwarf Warrior. The scale is looking a lot better now with his arms and indeed those meaty hands. I am looking forwards to this 30cm scale model, especially the weapon which looks like it could be rather magical and runic!

Scibor Dwarves

And if you're hankering for some Dwarves for the tabletop then Scibor can help. This is their Work-in-Progress shot for a new regiment of warriors that will eventually number twelve in total. Here you can see the command section of the regiment and one of the singular warriors.

I could certainly seem them being used alongside Dwarves from Avatars of War as heavily armoured special units.

What do you think?

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