Scibor’s Bear Bust Will Give You Childhood Nightmares

May 6, 2015 by dracs

Scibor have what appears to be another bust on the workbench that they have named Winnie the Meat.

Winnie the Meat

Wow, this silly old bear has really let himself go. From the visible staple stitching to the snot dripping from his nose, this is Winnie, but not as we know him. There's something very disturbing about this sculpt, yet it is still recognisable as the classic character. Although I doubt he just eats honey.

Female Dwarfs Almost Complete

As well as destroying our childhoods, Scibor have almost finished work on their Female Dwarfs.

Female Dwarfs

These are shaping up very well I would say and don't seem quite as top heavy as I had first thought now. Once Scibor have finished with these, I think they will make superb character and elite unit models to add a little variety to a dwarf army.

Do you like Scibor's take on Winnie? What about their female dwarfs?

"This is Winnie, but not as we know him."

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