Scibor’s Fantasy Heroes Head out for Adventure

June 28, 2012 by brennon

We saw the greens not long ago but the finished Fantasy models from Scibor Miniatures are now ready for sale. Check out the finished models below ready for adventure...

Sword Master...

Fantasy Sword Master

Vampire Hunter...

Fantasy Vampire Hunter

Fighting Priest...

Fantasy Fighting Priest

Now we can see the models in more detail and despite a few soft edges on the Fighting Priest I think these models look pretty awesome. Great models to add into an Empire army in Warhammer Fantasy or if you're into role-playing you have a few models to mark player characters.

With a little converting you could probably make both the Priest and Vampire Hunter into Sci-Fi or Steampunk warriors too.

They also come in a Fantasy Figure Pack.

What do you think of these latest Fantasy miniatures?

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