Scibor’s Surly Sci-Fi Ogre Hits Their Webstore

January 9, 2015 by dracs

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In among all the greens that have been coming out of Scibor recently was a new scifi style ogre. Well now that sculpt is finished and has been released out onto their webstore.

SciFi Cossack Ogre

The SciFi Cossack Ogre is a very imposing miniature, especially standing upon that mass of machinery that forms his base. He gives the impression of being a mercenary or adventurer, rather than the mindless brute ogres are normally depicted as. You could easily imagine him turning up in the retinue of some intergalactic trader, or serving as a bodyguard for a diplomat. Then again, he could just as easily be in a punch up in a local dive.

Think you would bring Scibor's ogre along on a scifi adventure?

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