Get Behind the Shield Wall of Scibor’s Dwarves

April 6, 2015 by dracs

Scibor have continued their work on their latest set of dwarf WiPs and have now kitted them all out with ornate shields.

Scibor Dwarfs

These massive shields seem rather unwieldy, but then these are dwarves and they are hardly likely to be performing any backflips. What really makes them stand out is their ornate design and shape. They are eye catching and interesting and, impressively, aren't a simple retread of the admittedly good dwarf shields Scibor have released in the past.

Dwarf Shields

Dwarf Shields

I am rather interested in the set up of Scibor's new unit. The dwarves we saw previously can be spotted just behind the shield bearers, which suggests to me that the unit will feature a front shield wall backed up by heavier axe wielding warriors.

Do you like how Scibor's dwarves are coming along?

"What really makes the shields stand out is their ornate design and shape."

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