Spy On More From Scibor’s Miniature Workbench

August 21, 2013 by brennon

Scibor have been working on something big, and something rather small for future release. See what you think of their Cthulhu and Ratman miniatures, the second of which you've seen at an earlier stage before.

Cthulhu WIP

Scibor Rat Man WIP

At the top we have the massive Cthulhu monster that I think most of you will be picking up. I love the gribbly feel of him and I bet that he will rock when he's finished.

The Rat Man has come on a little bit and been given two sword arms. Now he looks like he could be right from Martin the Warrior. I have read what people say about the head being a little bit on the big size and I reckon that it probably is. It's more like a wolf head than a rats one.

What do you think of both of these projects?

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