Stunty Sportsmen & Hulking Barbarians From Scibor

June 27, 2013 by brennon

Scibor have some fancy new sculpts in the pipeline and they cover fantasy football, wargaming and role-playing. Check out their Dwarf Fantasy Football team and Barbarian that should be coming soon...

Dwarf Football Team

First up we have a team that is right up my alley. Scibor do love to sculpt Dwarves and I imagine this had been coming for a while. The two in the middle aren't the best looking right now but the one with the winged helmet and the charging helmeted player are top notch.

It's always nice to see a bit of dynamism in your fantasy sports teams because they would indeed be charging around and smashing into each other. They wouldn't be standing still in the middle of a ruckus!

Barbarian Work-in-Progress

Next up we have a Work-in-Progress sculpt for a rather large Barbarian character. He certainly has that hulking quality to him and depending on the scale he could probably be sorted to fit into an Ogre army.

Something tells me he is more human sized though but would be great for use as a Chaos Champion in Warhammer Fantasy, or as a villain/hero in a role-playing game.

Are you on board with Scibor's style?

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