Walking Tall with Scibor’s Mechanised Armour

March 21, 2012 by brennon

Scibor Miniatures do love their Science Fiction knights, so it seems obvious that the next step for them would be to give them a big new toy to play with. Check out the Templar Mechanised Armour below and see what you think...

Templar Mechanised Armour

The model comes in resin, with a scenic base and stands at a whopping 105mm tall.

Templar Mechanised Armour (Rear)

Now I think this doesn't look too bad. It's a little static and I think the head poking out the top is a little bit silly but overall with a bit of work it would look quite good on the battlefield. Cut that exposed head off the model, put a massive templar helmet, or a closed hatch on it, and your sorted. Never made much sense to have all that armour and then to see an exposed head ready to be shot at.

What are your ideas for this model?

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