What’s New For The Bot War Turbo Edition?

August 2, 2021 by avernos

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Traders Galaxy is ramping up to the release of the Turbo Edition of Bot War and with the pre-orders up and running for the October release, I thought I would check out what is changing with the Turbo edition.

Bot War Turbo Edition // Traders Galaxy

The box contains everything you need to start playing your games of giant stompy robots face-punching on the tabletop. The rules and dice are as expected, along with cards, cubes, dice, and even a funky little measuring tape, but the previous models have been swapped out from five Valiants and six Atlanticans to a beefier set of six Valiants and seven C.O.I.L.S all beautifully cast in crisply detailed resin.

Valiants // Bot War

The Democracy allied Valiants are the good guys having arrived on Earth they've protected humanity from threats born on earth and from the stars. The C.O.I.L.S are none of that, formed from Valiants who were tortured in the name of science they were twisted by experience and after freeing themselves have chosen a different path.

C.O.I.L.S. //Traders Galaxy

The new Turbo edition is not a brand new version of the game but rather a refresh and tidy up that also expands on the second edition. The core rules are identical to the second edition set with some identified areas cleaned up.  Other expanded features include –

  • A complete background introductory section, putting the Bot War universe all in one place
  • Updated art
  • New Super Abilities and Special Rules that weren't in the second edition rulebook
  • Expanded terrain rules and additional building terrain rules
  • Additional rules for using Squadrons and Platoons of specific models
  • Optional Advanced Rules for using Alt Forms
  • Optional terrain interaction rules

We're fast becoming fans of Bot War at the studio and I'm looking forward to taking to the table to try out the Turbo edition, having not played the original I obviously can't comment on the changes, but I do appreciate that while it's helpful for new players if you already have the second edition you may not want to get a whole new set of miniatures just for the updated rules.

Anthony has thought of that so if you do want the new rules you can grab the PDF rules now, and if you don't want to wait until October for the new set to be released the current starter set comes with a free download of the Turbo edition rules.

The Queen // Infesters

Infesters are the final form of what Deceivers will become.  No longer able to control their appetites for power and conquest they become swarm like beasts. Enslaved to their primal urges. The Queen is up for pre-order now as well and if you pick her up by August 8th then you'll get a free swarm that you can see floating in front of her as she makes new friends.

That is not the only freebie available in August, as you can see below if you drop $160 in a single transaction then you'll receive a very angry Altantican as Neptune finally gets his point across. I'm not saying anything but that's practically a starter set and a couple of expansions for both sides, nudge nudge wink wink

Neptune, better than Aquaman

If that wasn't enough there is also the first issue of what is hopefully a bi-monthly digital magazine Galactic Transmission is a 56 page magazine stuffed full of news, terrain building, three new scenarios, new fiction and even a battle report.

The first issue contains some fan supplied work, although that may not be the case for future issues, if you want to see more from Traders Galaxy and their other games and how they fit together it is definitely worth grabbing a copy of the inaugural issue and I believe it has had enough interest that number 2 is being worked on as we speak.

Galactic Transmission // Traders Galaxy

No resting on their laurels down under as Traders Galaxy goes from strength to strength I really enjoyed reading GT and I'm looking forward to the second issue as I dive into Bot War. What do you think of this 10 mm skirmish game?

There is no disguising these robots!

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