Control the Air With Puppets War’s Dragonfly Variants

May 16, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have released two different variations of their Dragonfly flyer, providing you with the options for whatever kind of air support your guys on the ground need.

First there is the Dragonfly MKII Transporter.

Dragonfly Transporter

Dragonfly Transporter 2

Dragonfly Transporter 3

The Transporter might not be particularly pretty, but it should make a serviceable workhorse for your army, delivering troops to exactly where you need them on the battlefield.

Now, while this is a useful variant on the Dragonfly, it lacks offensive capabilities. Well Puppets War have that covered too, with the release of the second variant: the Dragonfly MKII Gunship.

Dragonfly Gunship

Dragonfly Gunship 2

Dragonfly Gunship 3

Lacking the weight of the transport variant, the Gunship will be able to nip around the battlefield to provide fire support wherever it is most needed.

Both these two versions of the Dragonfly MKII serve distinct battlefield roles and should serve well as flyer alternatives in your games.

Do you need some air support from Puppets War?

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