Crunch Mutants Underfoot With New Grimdark Artel W Characters

January 19, 2018 by brennon

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A few new models have been previewed for the folks behind Artel W Miniatures. They have a grimdark theme to them, as you might imagine, and I was bowled over by this fellow in particular...

Adeptus Arbites - Artel W Miniatures

Now, the Adeptus Arbites from Warhammer 40,000 have always been cool, but this fellow makes them look all the more bad ass. You could see him stomping through the streets of a Hive City, shotgun at the ready to blow the head off some miscreants who get in his way.

And, if the perp is on the run then he could always send this Mech Hound after them instead.

Mech Hound - Artel W Miniatures

I think it makes sense that the mutt in question should be a bit of a bulldog. It would be awesome to see them painted up in some rusty metals, clanking along beside the Arbites with mechanical growls issuing from their whirring interiors.

Daemon Slaying Katerina

Beyond the footsloggers here there's also this new version of Katerina. I imagine, as an Inquisitor or powerful figure within the military maybe she brings these Arbites along with her.

Katerina - Artel W Miniatures

The model looks awesome, sword in hand with it plunged through the skull of some mighty daemon. A very cool project that, once again, it would be awesome to see painted.

What do you think of Katerina?

"...this fellow makes them look all the more bad ass"

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