Cyber Arachnids Scuttle All Over Puppets War

June 25, 2014 by dracs

If you're arachnophobic then you might not like Puppets War's latest release; the Cyber Arachnids!

Cyber Arachnids

Cyber Arachnid Droids Alternative Armaments

These new cyber droids are fantastic alternatives for the Necron forces, or other such cybernetic armies like Warzone Resurrection's Cybertronic corporation.

The Necron comparison is made all the more apparent by the new Egyptian style glaves that Puppets War have released.

Cyber Glaves

These models make for fantastic scifi monsters to face across the battlefields of the future. Along with Puppets War's other Cyber models, these Arachnids are very good sculpts, with a good level of detail and unique style that nonetheless matches in well with other miniature ranges.

Have you ever used any of Puppets War's minis?

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