Don a Greatcoat and Join Kromlech’s Orc Assault Squad

May 12, 2014 by dracs

Who ever said that orcs don't have style never faced one wearing a greatcoat. Greatcoats make everything cooler, as shown by Kromlech's latest Orc Assault Squad.

Orc Assault Greatcoat Squad

Each of the models in this squad has a ton of the orcy character that has come to be expected from Kromlech's greenskins.

Orc Assault Greatcoat Boss

Orc Assault Greatcoat Axe

Orc Assault Greatcoat Specialist

Of all of them I think the specialist with the heavy weapon and shield has to be my favourite. Its mouth looks like a splintered ruin, something you might expect from someone who has had to eat a bolter round at some point.

This unit will make for an excellent command or assault squad, or even as a selection of individual unit champions. They stand out well from the main body of an army.

What has been your opinion of Kromlech's greenskins?

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