Get a Look at the US Orcs of MaxMini’s Green Alliance!

June 4, 2014 by dracs

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As some of you may have seen, MaxMini are currently working towards a crowdfunding campaign to bring out the mighty military forces of the Green Alliance. Well MaxMini have sent BoW a whole load of images to show off this greenskinned horde geared up with WW2 US Army gear!

Orc Trooper

Orc Trooper Mini

We have seen a couple of these images before, showing off a selection of the characterful minis that will be marching under the banner of the Green Alliance.

These range from the fantastic goblin troopers,

Goblin Trooper 1

Goblin Trooper 2

Goblin Trooper 3

Goblin Trooper 4

Goblin Trooper 5

Goblin Trooper 6

Goblin Troopers

to some of the vehicles and weapon designs that they will be bringing with them.

Green Alliance Vehicle

Green Alliance Vehicle 2

Green Alliance Vehicle 3

Green Alliance Weapons

All these renders and designs look fantastic, with typical orcy style given plenty of character and detail, which the sculpts that have appeared conveying the designs brilliantly.

Green Alliance Sprews

The Green Alliance, with their WW2 US Army gear, will hopefully be appearing with the help of crowdfunding soon. I think it will be fantastic to see a full army of these orcs coming out of MaxMini, and I hope that there the crowdfunding campaign will mean even more designs start appearing.

Green Alliance

What do you guys think of MaxMini's US Army Orcs of the Green Alliance?

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