A Gang of Orc Thugs Bashes Its Way Out of Puppets War

September 21, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have released their first full unit for their range of greenskins, a gang of Orc Thugs looking for a good brawl.

Orc Thugs Gang

Orc Thugs Two Handed Weapons

Orc Thugs

Puppets War's orcs have the same, brutish proportions as a lot of other orcs on the market, but they are distinguished by their fully enclosed helmets. These detract from the standard cartoony appearance orcs are often shown with, and actually succeed in making them a bit sinister. As such, I could see this unit being a good elite group in an army, especially given the amount of armour Puppets War have given them.

Will these Orc Thugs join your ravaging horde of greenskins?

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