Greebo Team Up With Crawling Chaos For A War Of Titans

August 17, 2017 by dracs

Crawling Chaos Games are teaming up with Greebo Games to bring out a new boxed game; War Titans Invaders Must Die.

War Titans Invaders Must Die

This game features pilots in control of massive mechs, fighting to protect the world from giant kaiju.

War Titans Miniatures

There is a real glee in watching kaiju movies. They may not be the most artistic or complex, but they are definitely fun and it looks as though this game will have a varied number of minis to capture the feel of such films.

A new preview just appeared showing off the prototype components of the core set.

War Titans

This game will be heading to Kickstarter on September 12th of this year.

Would you side with the kaiju or the mech pilots?

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