Get to Know Horatio, HiTech Miniatures’ New Negotiator

October 6, 2014 by dracs

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Sometimes battle might not be the wisest move. Sometimes you just have to negotiate, and when those times come it is even better to negotiate with a laser gun over one shoulder. Such is the case with HiTech Miniatures' latest model, Negotiator Horatio.

Negotiator Horatio

Negotiator Horatio Back

At first look, this might not seem like the most exciting miniature ever sculpted, with the flowing robe obscuring all sense of proportion and stance. Still, the detail we can see on the mechanical touches are pretty decent and his understated nature makes this the perfect miniature to serve as a warlord's henchmen, retinue, or member of staff, and would serve well in a command squad.

What battlefield role do you think this negotiator would be suitable for?

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