AI Motorbikes, Replica Assassins & High-Tech Shamans In Infinity’s July Releases

June 3, 2019 by dracs

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Corvus Belli have revealed the host of new releases they have coming to the table for Infinity and Aristeia! this coming July.

Transform And Ride Out!

We start with the Fast Offensive Unit Zondnautica for the Nomads' Tunguska Jurisdictional Command sectorial force.

The Zondnautica operate at high speeds, zipping around the battlefield at high speeds. However, should they find themselves cornered with no escape, then they get off their bikes and the fun really begins.

Their AI motorcycles can transform into an auxiliary tactical combat unit, controlled by the Zondnauts using the same remote connection that they use when driving it. This, combined with their extreme mobility, makes the Zondnautica effective and flexible solo operatives on the battlefield.

Prepare To Be Boarded!

Meanwhile, the Tartary Army Corps of Ariadna are taking to the waves with the Irmandinhos, or the Brotherhood of Waterborne Surveillance Volunteers.

This new single model blister provides you with an Irmandinhos armed with a boarding shotgun, an extremely useful weapon, especially given their battlefield role as a boarding and rapid disembarkation group, useful as a powerful shock force for disrupting infantry units.

Death Wears A Familiar Face

The Speculo Killer marks the pinnacle of the Shasvastii's ingenuity in creating the perfect infiltration unit.

The Speculo act as the Combined Army's greatest assassins, capable of having their baseline generic biosynthetic bodies turned into near-perfect replicas of their target, allowing them to easily infiltrate the enemy lines.

This new figure shows the Speculo revealing its true, alien nature, dropping its disguise in order to take out its target in a way that would be thoroughly unsettling to see.

Support The Police

Next, we come to the Kriigel Agents of the Spiral Corps of NA-2.

The Kriigel Agency is a semi-independent government law enforcement agency. They provide support for the few regional police forces active within the Colonial Territories.

From the look of it, they have the equipment to ensure law and order are kept. Or else.

Going Solo

Finally, for Infinity, we have the Arjuna Autonomous Intervention Unit for the Operations Bureau of ALEPH.

With the sheer vast size of The Sphere, the Operations Subsection needs agents who can be sent in solo to any location with nothing more than the equipment they carry and with no external support. The Arjuna Autonomous Intervention Unit fill this role nicely.

Can You Hack It?

Last of all, we go to Aristeia! where Laxmee Laibon, the Shaman, is stepping into the game.

A descendant of Maasai expatriates, Laxmee grew up as part of a Lazareto gang. One day, they pillaged a cargo container of military-grade equipment, including a hacking device that immediately caught Laxmee's eye. She then proceeded to fight off the other gang members in order to keep it for herself.

As always with Corvus Belli, we are presented with a wide selection of fantastic sculpts. My personal favourite has to be the Zondnautica, because who can't love a transforming robo-bike?

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