JoeK Minis Show Off Their Awesome Hephaestus Casts

October 14, 2014 by dracs

JoeK Minis have just received the casts of their first Odyssey miniature, the mighty Hephaestus!


This 72mm colossus is truly impressive miniature The detail is all extremely crisp, with his ornate armour perfectly picked out and touches like his leg braces instantly noticeable.

Hephaestus was, of course, the Greek god of fire and forge. Crippled by his mother Hera, he nonetheless forged some of the greatest weapons of the gods, including Zeus' mighty lightning bolts. From the looks of this model, JoeK have something a bit more scifi in mind. Fortunately for us, it should be going up for pre-order soon and I cannot wait to see what other gods JoeK might have up their sleeve.

Are you going to pick up this Greek god?

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