Kabuki Preview the Next Body of the Legio Praetoriana

May 26, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki Models have been working on the designs for the next minis of their Legio Praetoriana and are currently showing off some of the new renders for the miniature bits.

Legio Heads

Legio Legs

Legio Torsos

Legio Bits

Legio Shoulder Pads

These highly detailed bits were sculpted by Irek 3D, and Kabuki have said that they will be ready for assembly and painting come July.

As well as making good minis in their own right, each of these pieces will provide excellent alternatives and accessories for your models. I am really looking forward to seeing how these look when the minis themselves are finished.

What are your thoughts of Kabuki's Legio?

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